CILS Exam Preparation Course

(Certification issued by the Università per Stranieri di Siena)

CILS Exam Preparation Course

In this course we prepare you to pass the CILS exam, evaluate and improve the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) necessary for you to successfully pass these types of exams, consolidating your grammar knowledge required for each level.

The CILS is a certificate issued by the CILS Center of the Università per Stranieri di Siena recognized by the Italian State that measures the level of linguistic – communicative knowledge of the Italian.

It is necessary for foreigners who wish to demonstrate their own knowledge of the language in order to work or study.

All foreigners and Italian citizens residing abroad can register for CILS. There is no age limit and you do not need to have a special qualification  nor have successfully completed a lower level CILS.

To obtain the certificate of one of the 6 levels, it is necessary to pass a test composed of 5 tests of variable duration depending on the level: listening test, reading, comprehension test, analysis of communication structure test, production test, writing and test oral.

  • CILS A1 (duration 1h 40 ‘) equivalent to A1
  • CILS A2 (2h) equivalent to A2
  • CILS UNO (duration of 3h 30 ‘) equivalent to B1
  • CILS DUE (duration of 3h 30 ‘) equivalent to B2
  • CILS TRE (duration 4 h 30 ‘) equivalent to C1
  • CILS QUATTRO (duration 5h 20 ‘) equivalent to C2

To obtain CILS certification the candidate must achieve a minimum score (11/20) on all skills that consist the exam. If a candidate obtains the minimum score in only some of the skills, in a subsequent examination, the candidate must repeat only the tests which he did not reach the minimum score. The sections are valid for one year from the first exam taken.

For A1 and A2 levels the maximum score is 60 points, 12 points are assigned for each of the evaluated skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar) where the proficiency level is reached with 7 points.

For levels one to four (B1 – C2) the maximum score is 100 points, 12 points are assigned for each of the skills assessed proficiency level is reached with 11 points.

The assignment of the scores and the evaluation are carried out completely in the University for Foreigners of Siena, this is to guarantee the uniformity of the procedures.

Since the examinations take place at the University of Siena and in the facilities with which the University for Foreigners of Siena has signed a special agreement, the CILS exams take place twice a year: in the beginning of June and December, simultaneously throughout the world.

During this course, the teacher, in addition to assessing your level of Italian and preparing you by simulating real exams, will take care of getting you the CILS Certification Center closer to your home and will help you throughout the process, from registration day to the exam day, in order to solve  any unforeseen events that may arise.


The course duration is 3 months with 36 hours of class.


The course has a continuous presence of a native teacher throughout the course by videoconference, real exams used in previous evaluations, reading and listening texts selected specifically to prepare you for the exams, extra materials and interactive exercises so that you can practice for your own.


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